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Google hints at Google Ads app & local campaigns updates.

Google have let slip a few snippets of info ahead of Google Marketing Live, May 14. Google Ads AppStarting this week, advertisers will be able to create & edit Responsive Search Ads in the Google Ads app. Currently, you can only pause and activate text ads in the...

#1 app YOLO Q&A is the Snapchat platform’s 1st hit.

The latest hit app with fickle teenagers is called YOLO. First released on the App Store just 1 week ago, it currently takes the number 1 spot on the charts, with an ave 4.7 star rating and 45,000 reviews so far. YOLO is one of the latest apps built on top of...

Nearly half of TV viewers browse online while watching TV.

A recent study completed by emarketer.com shows that one screen is no longer enough to satisfy most. Around 70% of the adult US population will be two-screen viewers in 2019 - meaning over 70% of the adult population will use a device online while watching digital or...

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